Indiana Specific Service Sign Program

Increase your business traffic! Motorists in Indiana rely on the familiar blue interstate highway signs for service and recreational information. These blue signs advertise logos for gas, food, lodging, camping, and tourist businesses. Logo Signs are placed preceding exit ramps, contain directional information, and are very helpful to guide motorists to your door. Indiana Logo Signs have been beneficial for businesses, with many reporting a 25% increase in customer traffic after their logo was displayed.

This year 71 million non-resident visitors will come to Indiana.
They will spend $10.1 billion

The state of Indiana authorized this sign program to support the gas, food, lodging, camping, and attraction services when it approved the Specific Service (Interstate) logo signs and Tourist Oriented Directional (TODS) Sign Programs.



Further information about the sign programs may be obtained by contacting the

Indiana Logo Sign Group:
600 East 96th Street, Suite 460
Indianapolis, IN 46240
Sales: 800-288-LOGO (5646)
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Indiana Department of Transportation